Wondering About Child Custody?

Shared custody, joint custody, sole custody, physical custody, visitation, parenting time: all of the terms used for child custody can vary from state to state and be very confusing. It is helpful to have a lawyer on your side who can explain all of the differences and protect your rights throughout the process of securing access to your children.

At the Robertsdale, Alabama, office of Mitzi G. Johnson-Theodoro L.L.C., I know how important parents are in the lives of their children. This is why child custody cases need to be taken so seriously. Using my vast experience as an attorney in family law, I help parents who are divorcing and those who have never been married deal with all aspects of the custody process.

Best Interests Of The Children

It is important to note that in all cases, the courts put the emphasis on the best interests of the children. This means they look at all aspects of the children’s and parents’ lives and determine where physical and legal custody are the best fit for the children.

Changes To Child Custody Orders

In some situations, life circumstances may dictate a change in custody arrangements. It is essential that the changes go through the court in order to be legal and enforceable. If you are looking to relocate out of state, or change the amount of time you have with your children, I can help you seek a modification of your existing child custody orders.

Let Me Help You Get Started

You do not have to face child custody matters alone. I am here to stand beside you throughout the entirety of your case. To schedule a consultation, email me or call my law firm at 251-216-1545. You can find my Baldwin County office on Highway 59.

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