Robertsdale Area Criminal Defense Lawyer

At Mitzi G. Johnson-Theodoro L.L.C. in Robertsdale, Alabama, I have experience working as a county prosecutor. As a former prosecutor in six counties, I am familiar with trial strategy and negotiation tactics. My experience allows me to work with the prosecution to give you the best defense possible.

Aggressive Attorney

As an aggressive negotiation and litigation attorney, I am dedicated to providing you with the personal service and attention you deserve. When you come to me with questions, I will personally answer you as quickly as possible. I will walk you through every step of your case, and make sure that you understand everything involved.

My experience working as a county prosecutor allows me to build a strong defense for you. If you are facing criminal charges in Baldwin County, Alabama, contact me for a consultation to find out how I can protect your rights.

Criminal Defense

As a former prosecutor in six counties, including Baldwin county, I have prosecuted numerous criminal cases. Due to the substantial experience as a prosecutor, I am able to guide you through the process and explain how the prosecution will build their case against you and fight to protect your rights.

An example of my practice areas include:

  • Misdemeanors
  • Felonies
  • Forgery
  • Traffic Crimes
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  • Drug Crimes and drug possession
  • Robbery
  • Rape and Sex Crimes
  • Murder

My extensive trial experience and negotiation skills allow me to come up with solutions that fit your needs. Contact me to talk about your case and find out how I can defend you.

Drug Crimes

My goal is to protect your rights. In Baldwin County, unique options exist to resolve a criminal drug related crimes such as a separate drug court. By getting your case admitted to the drug court, it allows an opportunity to keep the charges off your record.

In order to determine what is in your best interest, you should retain the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Contact me to schedule an consultation.

DUI Charges

Driving under the influence (DUI) charges can have a significant effect on your future if you are convicted. You could face losing your driver’s license, paying a large fine or even spending time in jail. Contact me to review your case, my office is located on Highway 59 in Robertsdale, Alabama. I am available during regular business hours.

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